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St. Louis Evening News

Years in print:

1852- 1857, 1858- 1867


The Evening News, a two-cent Democratic journal, was established April 17, 1852, by Charles G. Ramsey and Abraham S. Mitchell. It was edited with ability, and soon attained a considerable popularity. In 1860 its circulation had increased to four thousand copies daily, seven thousand weekly and five hundred tri-weekly. The editor was Abraham S. Mitchell, and the associate editor Daniel N. Grissom...Its competition proving too keen for the Intelligencer, a daily journal which had enjoyed a fair measure of success, the latter paper was sold in 1853 to A.S. Mitchell & Co., who for four years managed the two papers separately and independently. But in the hard times of 1857 the Intelligencer was merged in the News, and for some time the consolidated paper was known as the Daily News and Intelligencer
Some time after its oncorporation by the latter with the News the words "and Intelligencer" were dropped from the title, and the paper became, once more, the Evening News. The News survived until 1867, when Mr. Ramsey sold it to the Dispatch. Before the war the News was a fairly enterprising journal, and was prosperous; but during and after the war a more vigilant style of journalism was demanded, and the paper found itself outstripped in the race.

Var.: St. Louis Evening News and Intelligencer, St. Louis Daily Evening News and Daily Evening News and Intelligencer, St. Louis Daily Evening News. 

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St. Louis Evening News
Weekly St. Louis Evening News and Intelligencer


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