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The St. Louis Globe

Years in print:

1872- 1875


When the Globe appeared on the 18th of July, 1872, its platform was announced in these words: "In the prevalence or overthrow of Republican principles is wrapped up the thrift and glory or the ruin and disgrace of the American people." The editor was a newspaper man of fifteen years' experience in St. Louis, Charles R. Davis - a native of New London, Connecticut. Mr. Davis died after having charge of the Globe a year. A fedw weeks later, in the fall of 1873, Joseph B. McCullagh took the editorship.
(From St. Louis, the Fourth City by Walter Barlow Stevens, 1911).

During the fall of the year 1872, Messrs. McKee & Houser commenced the publication of a first-class journal, under the style of the St. Louis Globe. During the autumn of 1973, Mr. Joseph B. McCullagh transferred his services to the new enterprise, and the Globe at once assumed rank among the best journals of the country. During these years a bitter warfare was raged between the rival papers - the Democrat and the Globe. The strife was terminated in 1875 by the purchase of the Democrat by Messrs. McKee & Houser, proprietors of the Globe. The price paid was three hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars. The two papers were consolidated under the title of Globe-Democrat. Messrs. McKee & Houser are proprietors, and Mr. Joseph B. McCullagh contnues in the editorial chair.
The success of the Globe-Democrat has been quite remarkable. It is no disparagement to the other excellent journals of which St. Louis can boast, to say that this success attends merits which few journals in the land possess. Unquestionably the Globe-Democrat is conducted with great ability, a fact which the public is not slow to recognize.
(From A Tour of St. Louis by J. A. Daus and James W. Buel, 1877).

Established by previous Missouri Democrat owners Daniel Houser and William McKee July 18, 1873. In 1876, [another source sets date at 5/20/1875] they also purchased the Missouri Democrat  from George Fishback for $325,000 and merged the papers.

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