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St. Louis Home Journal

Years in print:

1867- 1872


The St. Louis Home Journal was a four-page, blanket-sheet literary and general local weekly during the first year of its existence. The first number was issued on November 19, 1867, by Nelson M. Sheffield and B.D.M. Eaton. In an article in the St. Louis Republic in 1896, Mr. Eaton says: "Our idea was to follow the plan of the New York Home Journal in society matters, and to publish articles written by Western men and women exclusively."...The publishers lost $5,000 the first year. After that it was run in the style of the New York Ledger, and paid fairly well...Kilburn H. Stone bought Eaton's interest in 1869...In January, 1872, The Home Journal and The Western Commercial Gazette were consolidated and hyphenated into the Home Journal-Commercial Gazette. The Home Journal part of this paper died in 1874.
(From the Encyclopedia of the History of Missouri by Alexander De Menil, 1901).    

“Devoted to Literature, Fine Arts, News, Drama, Music and Criticism”   

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St. Louis Home Journal
St. Louis Home Journal


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