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Publication Name:

St. Louis Intelligencer

Years in print:

1850- 1857


Yeatman, Ramsey & Co. (1850) Whig. George K. Budd, proprietor and commercial editor. Var: St. Louis Daily Intelligencer, Daily St. Louis Intelligencer, Weekly St. Louis Intelligencer, Intelligencer. Merged with the St. Louis Daily Evening News.
“Richard S. “Dick” Elliott had, while a young man, some experience in the newspaper vocation in his native state of Pennsylvania, and when he left the real estate business [in St. Louis] he took a position on the St. Louis Intelligencer, [then] published by A.S. Mitchell & Co. Mr. Elliott was an accomplished and effective writer and conducted the editorial department of the paper with ability and discretion.”
Reprinted from The History of St. Louis County by William L. Thomas, 1911.

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St. Louis Intelligencer
Weekly St. Louis Evening News and Intelligencer
Daily St. Louis Intelligencer


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