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The Abend Anzeiger, the second-oldest of our daily papers, is the successor of the Anzeiger des Westens, established in 1835 and for many years edited by Wm. Weber. Arthur Olshausen was for a time one of its owners, but the prestige of the paper must be ascribed to Henry Boernstein, who became its editor and proprietor in 1850. It had been an anti-slavery paper from its inception and became an outspoken Republican organ under Boernstein, but was changed to a liberal Democratic journal by Carl Daenzer, who became its editor in 1863 and who kept this position until 1898, since which year the Abend Anzeiger was published by the German-American Press Association as a carefully edited independent paper.
(From Mercantile, Industrial, and Professional St. Louis by Ernst D. Kargan, 1902)

(“Evening Gazette”) Heinrich Christian Bimpage & J.B. Von Festen. Became St. Louis Abend-Anzeiger.

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