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St. Louis Price Current

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The St. Louis Price Current was established by Josiah Anderson in the fall of 1848, as an adjunct to the People's Organ. During 1848 and up to 1850, it was issued semi-weekly in letter-sheet form. In 1849, a semi-weekly edition of the Organ was commenced in conjunction with the letter-sheet, but in 1852, both editions, the Organ and the Price-Current, became weeklies, and were thus continued by Mr. Anderson until the 1st of February, 1856. At this time Charfles G. Gonter purchased interest in the establishment, and the publication of the Daily Price-Current, a letter-sheet, with a weekly edition in regular newspaper form, was begun. The office was at No. 8 Olive Street. In 1862 the publication of the Price-Current was suspended, owing to the derangement of the mails, but was resumed in January, 1864...The Price-Current is devoted exclusively to Mercantile quotations, and is the representative organ of the leading produce, commission, and grocery houses of the city.
(From the History of St. Louis City and County by John Thomas Scharf, 1883).

Var: Price Current and Merchants’ Commercial Record.

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