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Publication Name:

The St. Louis Star-Times

Years in print:

1932- 1951


Initially called Star and Times. the Paper moved to 12th and Delmar in 1934. Owner Elzey Roberts sold it to the Post-Dispatch and publication ceased June 15, 1951 (See announcement below), with publisher Elzey Roberts stating that the paper couldn’t maintain itself any longer.

An Announcement

            The Star-Times announces with regret that this is the last day of publication. The year 1951 marks the fifth consecutive year during which ever-mounting labor and material costs have risen faster than the increased revenues necessary to meet them.

            This situation presented the Star-Times with a dilemma: Either to let this process continue to sap the newspaper’s strength for another few years or to make some kind of combination with another  newspaper or group of newspapers which would create a publication of sufficient strength to combat successfully the demands of present-day conditions.

            After exploring the situation from every angle and taking into consideration the interests of all concerned, we decided that the following arrangement is the best and we have entered into it:

            We have sold the Star-Times’ name, good will, circulation lists and newspaper publishing equipment to the Pulitzer Publishing Co., publisher of the Post-Dispatch.

            Radio Station KXOK, KXOK-FM, the application for KXOK-TV (television) and the Star-Times Building are not involved in the sale. Plans are under consideration to convert the Star-Times Building into an office building which will be re-named. The radio stations will remain in the building and plans will be drawn to include television studios.

            Provision has been made to carry out the termination provisions of all of our union contracts.

            Funds have been set aside to call all the outstanding second preferred stock at $100 par. This stock was given in payment of the old St. Louis Times when The Star acquired it in 1932.

            A further fund has been set aside to pay at $100 par all of the first preferred stock now in the hands of Star-Times employees.

            Employees not covered by the termination contracts will be fairly treated and every effort will be made to help solve individual situations.

            We leave the newspaper publishing field with great regret, but with satisfaction that the name of The Star-Times has passed into hands that will maintain the high ideals and continue to work for the public welfare in the same vigorous way that has marked the record of The Star-Times since it was bought by the Roberts family 38 years ago last month.

            By way of valedictory, I want to add: I have devoted my business life of 36 years to the publication of the St. Louis Star and The Star-Times. I would have preferred to have devoted the rest of it to the same task, but it has worked out otherwise. I wish to extend my sincere appreciation to our many loyal readers, employees and advertisers.

            Elzey Roberts

           (Originally published in the St. Louis Star-Times 6/15/1951).

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