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The St. Louis Times

Years in print:

1829- 1832


Rev. E.P. Lovejoy, the abolition martyr who was killed by a mob in Alton in 1836, was attached to the first St. Louis Times as an editorial writer, but withdrew in 1831 [another source says 1832]...The Times, started in 1829 by Stone and Miller, lasted until 1832.
(From the Encyclopedia of the History of Missouri edited by Howard L. Conard, 1901).

Founded by Jacob R. Stine and Thomas J. Miller. Col. Stephen W. Foreman, editor.  “Light and Liberty” The Times was a weekly democrat paper but hated Senator T. H. Benton and President Andrew Jackson. Miller left in January of 1830. By the end of July of that year Stine left and transferred ownership of the paper back to Miller who partnered with Elijah P. Lovejoy. Lovejoy became editor the next month and stayed until February, 1832. Miller, J.L. Murray and R.V. Richards were then listed as owners. They sold the paper to Col. Charles Keemle, who closed it in 1832.

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