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St. Louis World

Years in print:

1902- 1918


The St. Louis World, the newest of our daily papers, is an exponent of liberal progressive ideas and gives special attention to local news and events of the sporting world. Its editor, Alfred Spink, has been connected with the St. Louis press for a quarter of a century and has always been regarded as an authority on matters of sport, but he is at the same time well-versed and thoroughly informed in the political affairs of State and city and an experienced journalist in general. The St. Louis World is owned by World Publishing Company, of which Mr. Spink is the president. Mr. E.L. McCarthy is the business manager.
(From Mercantile, Industrial and Professional St. Louis by Ernst D. Kargan, 1902).

“The Official Paper of the City of St. Louis” 

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St. Louis World
St. Louis World
St. Louis Art World
St. Louis Show World


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