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South and West

Years in print:

1880- 1887


South and West was founded by Alfred Avery...in August, 1880. In 1882 it was sold to the Deere-Mansur Publishing Company, who issued it until about 1887. It was a semimonthly "for the farm and household," and paid some attention to popular literature. Prior to 1882 it was edited by Alfred Avery, after that date by John M. Stahl.
(From the Encyclopedia of the History of Missouri by Alexander N. De Menil, 1901).

"It is strictly an agriculture and family paper, politics being completely ignored." Merged with Western Plowman.

Masthead Images:

South and West
dry goodsman and southwestern merchant
South St. Louis County News
Southern Echo
Southern Grocer
St. Louis & Southern Illinois Labor Tribune
South St. Louis Progress
The Great South-West
New Southwest


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