Helen G. Hatfield, announcer and program director of station WSBF, of Stix, Baer & Fuller department store in St. Louis, Mo., is pictured.

Miss Hatfield is one of the few women announcers who have really made good in radio. Perhaps her success can be accounted for by the fact that she started in radio back when the little five-watter that first used the WSBF call was considered some broadcaster. She has grown up with radio and in doing so has become part of radio itself.

Miss Hatfield tells us she has brown eyes and short brown curls. Her many friends say she is much more animated than she appears to be in this photograph. And she would have to be animated to be as versatile as she is. Besides putting all of WSBF’s programs on the air she fills in announcing such sports as baseball, football and even prize fights.

Before the lure of the microphone reached out for Miss Hatfield, she was a student at the University of Illinois, preparing to become a domestic science teacher. Now in one little talk at the microphone she teaches a class larger than would have been the combined classes she would have taught in a lifetime of work.

(Originally published in Radio Guide, 11/14/1925)