St. Louis Chamber of Commerce News 11/4/30

With a special program by the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra under Guest Conductor E. Fernandez Arbos of Madrid, Spain, “The Spirit of St. Louis” went upon the air over station KMOX Sunday, in the most unusual campaign of civic advertising by radio ever undertaken in America. The program was the first of a series of 20 to be presented on consecutive Sundays at the same time (5 to 6 p.m. Central standard time) which will tell of the romantic and true adventures out of which the Spirit of St. Louis was born, together with the story of the significance of St. Louis in the economic, commercial, educational and cultural life of the United States. It is the first time in the history of American radio that a major symphony orchestra has been used to advertise a city’s resources.

How out of the fur-trading post of St. Louis the great trails - the Oregon Trail, the Santa Fe Trail, and the road to California developed, and how through them the great west was won and made American, was told by “The Spirit of St. Louis” in the first of the series.

The Chamber of Commerce and the Industrial Club of St. Louis are collaborating in providing authentic information about the city and its resources and those things which make St. Louis a great city in which to live and work and play. The St. Louis Symphony Society donates the services of the orchestra and conductor for the broadcasts and KMOX, “The Voice of St. Louis,” has given the time on the air without any charge.

Next Sunday at the same hour, “The Spirit of St. Louis” in its own words will tell of the significance of the railroads of St. Louis.