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Seven o’clock in the morning and the early risers turn on their radios - softly comes the crooning waltz - “Way Down in Missouri” - and then the cheery voice of the announcer, “Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen, your station is WIL.”

As the “Missouri Waltz” fades away, we hear the whistle of the Breakfast Club Express, the train is coming near, it rounds the bend and stops before your home. The Conductor calls “All Aboard” and we are off in a flurry down the rails of music and song. The Breakfast Club Express is never late - at eight sharp it discharges its passengers and its parting whistle never fails to remind us to be at the gate tomorrow morning.

Father has gone to work and now children must be dressed for school, we hear a friendly voice say - “Children this is your Don’t Be Late For School Program and it is now exactly one minute after eight.” Children are hustled along with songs, music and stories which appeal to them, - but ever before their minds is kept the passing of the minutes. Do you know that teachers claim there were less tardy marks last year than ever before? 8:15 and the Birthday Man greets you, and to the merry tingle of birthday bells the names of boys and girls who record a birthday that day are read. Over 15,000 children have been wished “Happy Birthday” during the past twelve months. 8:30 and off to school go the children and now we settle down for a little neighborhood news, such as church socials, gatherings and reunions.

All through the day from one program to another “The Friendly Station” caters to the varied tastes of St. Louisians (sic) and their many nearby friends.

When the station found that there were many problems which needed solving, Mr. Fixit came forward to explain matters of civic interest, and during this Depression, Mr. Fixit is gladly broadcasting jobs which are offered for the unemployed.

Stage and screen stars are introduced into your homes when they appear at the St. Louis or Fox Theatre through “The Friendly Station,” and on Sunday morning one of the largest churches in St. Louis broadcasts its services over WIL.

Within the last few months WIL was voted the third most popular station in Missouri. “

Originally published in Radio and Entertainment 9/26/31).