Kenneth Crank, one of WIL’s engineers, has taken up golfing. Oh, what an array of clubs!

Now Neil Norman, announcer, will be able to tell Ken just how to play, because Neil is about six lessons ahead. At any rate we are expecting these two to team up and some day win a trophy cup for WIL’s new Penthouse Club.

The Penthouse is cool – big, comfortable chairs and soft rugs make it an ideal place to lounge.

Frank Menges, the cello player, is an excellent painter and plans are being made for Frank to paint a large picture to adorn the walls of this new club.

Even the chief engineer, Chal Stoup and Kenneth Crank are installing a short wave set in the club. Every day something new is planned and executed to make it the pleasant gathering place for the WIL family – I guess I should say “staff,” but it is more like one big family directed by the friendly hand of L.A. Benson, the President of the Missouri Broadcasting Corporation.

(Originally published in Radio and Entertainment 1/27/1932).