Radio station WIL has contributed much to the growth of St. Louis. Thirty-five years ago WIL broke all radio records in capturing almost 100% of all radio receivers, numbering about 1,200 in St. Louis and several thousand more within the 300-mile radius reached by the radio phone of the Benwood Company, 1110 Olive Street, which cooperated with the Star in broadcasting St. Louis’ first concert.

The event was a big step forward in local wireless history. It was the first elaborate radio phone entertainment to be given in the Middle West. On the program were Nelson Cuniff, director of Public Welfare, Harlan Eugene Read, Max Steindel, famous cellist with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, Jean and Charles Granese, feature vocalists at the Orpheum Theater of that day, Mrs. Karl Kimmel, well-known soloist, Charles Borelli, pianist, and Dr. Charles Klenk, radio expert. In addition, there were selections on a player piano.

Mr. L.A. Benson, founder of the corporation and now president of the Missouri Broadcasting Corp. and owner and operator of Station WWIL in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., did all the announcing and programming in addition to engineering the entire broadcast.

(Text of newspaper ad published 2/5/1957)